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Internet "Free" Offers Often "Fee" Offers, Says FTC

Do you know how to protect yourself? Read on.

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Check scams and how to avoid them

checkbookBy Emily Driscoll

Ever heard something that sounded too good to be true? While it would be nice to think that money could just fall into your lap out of the blue, scam artists prey on that idea to trap people in different check scam variations. Although scams have been around for a while, swindlers are infiltrating all areas of communication and using new ways to trick unsuspecting consumers into throwing their money away.


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July 11 Breaking News

Data Breaches: Why You Should Care and What You Should Do

Numerous reports of data breaches have been in the news recently. Read this article for more about data breaches and what you should do if happens to you.


June 2011 Breaking News

Flying this summer?

Watch for add on fees when booking your tickets. Advice from Consumer Reports

Summer Vacation: 6 Tips to Protect Your Privacy

These tips will help you and your home stay safe while you're on vacation.



What happened: Detailed information of about 77 million people has been stolen from Sony. Consumer groups are calling this one of the largest—and most serious—data security thefts in history.

If you have a Sony Playstation Account, consumer groups strongly recommend that you immediately sign up for the free ID Theft protection. Read this article for more details.





April 2011 Breaking News

Trying to save on gas? Try these tips.

As gas prices creep towards $4 a gallon, are you looking for ways to save at the gas pump? Here are some tips that may help you get better gas mileage.

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April 2014

Mobile Device Security: Basic Tips to Protect Your Data from Thieves and Cybercriminals
Here are some tips that will help you protect your personal information and data and that are easy to implement.

Outlet shopping: Getting your money's worth
Here are some tips for getting a good deal at outlet stores.

Don't be a recycling identity theft victim
This item from Consumer Reports shows why it's important to shred or tear up personal documents before you recycle them.

Lighting Choices to Save You Money
This article from Energy.gov describes the various types of energy efficient lightbulbs.

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