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Make the Most When You Sell Your Gold

gold jewelry

Thinking of selling some old jewelry, then these tips will help you get the best deal.

Trying to keep your kids safe online?

teens looking a computer

Here's the latest guide from the FTC to help your kids and you.

This site offers short articles, activities, quizzes, and an ask-the-expert column which will help kids learn to be good digital citizens. There are also worksheets and other help for parents.


Google Chrome Security Warning

emily_articleBy Emily Driscoll

If you are sick and tired of your computer taking forever to boot up and get connected to the internet (you’ve got things to do and people to see!), Google is touting a product with you in mind. Google’s Chromium OS has taken the technology community by storm with boasts of being built on “speed, simplicity, and security.”

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August 2011 Breaking News

Little-known firms tracking data used in credit scores

Check out this article from the Washington Post which describes data that may be used in your credit score which is collected by companies other than the three main credit bureaus.


Internet "Free" Offers Often "Fee" Offers, Says FTC

Do you know how to protect yourself? Read on.

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Check scams and how to avoid them

checkbookBy Emily Driscoll

Ever heard something that sounded too good to be true? While it would be nice to think that money could just fall into your lap out of the blue, scam artists prey on that idea to trap people in different check scam variations. Although scams have been around for a while, swindlers are infiltrating all areas of communication and using new ways to trick unsuspecting consumers into throwing their money away.


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