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December 2011

Holiday Shopping Tips
These tips from Consumer Action may help make your holiday shopping less stressful.

12 low-cost ways to save energy—and money—now
These do-it-yourself tips from Consumer Reports will quickly pay for themselves and save you money.

Online Shopping Tips: E-Commerce and You
These tips from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse can help you get good deals and protect your personal and financial information too.

DMAchoice.org and Catalog Choice
If you want to reduce the amount of junk mail and catalogs you receive, then check out these sites.


November 2011

With penny auctions, you can spend a bundle but still leave empty-handed
This article from Consumer Reports explains why penny auctions can cost you more money than you think.

Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons
This article provides ten tips that can help you lower your food bills.

Cell Phone and Texting Laws
This page from the Governors Highway Safety Association has a chart that summarizes the cell phone and texting laws implemented in each state.

US Postal Service prices increase on January 22, 2012
This factsheet from the US Postal Service describes the price increases that will take effect on January 22, 2012.


October 2011

11 Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid
Check out these mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

"Free Trials" Aren't Always Free
These tips will help you evaluate "free trial" offers.

Avoid the Lure of Social Media Scams
Here are five common scams you should watch out for.

Make Sure Your Homeowners Insurance Protects You in a Worst-case Scenario
Use these tips to make sure that you are properly insured.


September 2011

10 Threats to Your Cellphone's Security
This article describes these threats and what you can do about them.

Online Penny Auctions: Nothing for Something?
This FTC Consumer Alert explains how penny auctions work and their pitfalls.

Prepare Yourself!
Have you prepared for an emergency such as Hurricane Irene? Here are some interviews on financial emergency preparedness.

Your Digital Dollars-Safety and privacy in online and mobile transactions
This article has tips and tools to help you make safe and secure transactions online and on the go.


August 2011

Look Up to See Your Bills Go Down: Making Your Attic More Efficient
These tips can help you save money on your cooling and heating bills.

Shopping for light bulbs?
These tips from the FTC, will help you choose the most energy-efficient light bulbs for your needs.

Be your own consumer watchdog
Use these tips from Consumer Reports to check out a company or professional before giving them your business.

99 Great Ways to Save
These tips, actually 198, can help you save money every day in many ways.


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