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April 2012

Beware of "Government Imposter" websites
This tips from Consumer Action will help you save money by avoiding these imposter websites.

Five Debit Card Dont's
This article from ShopSmart magazine and Consumer Reports provides tips to help you use your debit card smartly.

The tips from these two articles are useful for everyone.

Beware of Area Code Scams
These tips from AARP show how to avoid making a phone call that can cost you lots of money for only a few minutes.

Can I Get Cash for A Gift Card?
Have an unwanted gift card, this article gives you some options.


March 2012

New Rules for Robocalls and Robocalls are Illegal: Scammers Use False Caller IDs to Hide
Read about these rules and how scammers are faking caller ID. From the FTC.

The Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2012
This annual list from the IRS describes a variety of scams that target taxpayers.

10 Things Prepaid Card Issuers Won't Tell You
Beware of these pitfalls with prepaid cards. From SmartMoney.


February 2012

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Online Complaint Center
The complaint center will help individuals with information and strategies to address their privacy problems and offer the opportunity to send the complaint to the appropriate governing body. Also check out their Privacy Survival Guide for tips to help you protect your privacy online and off.

Surprise! Your high-tech home phone system could go dead in an emergency
The article from Consumer Reports provides tips for staying in touch when the power goes out.

What's New for Tax Form 1040 Part 1 and Part 2—These 2 articles from Smart Money describes changes you need to know about before you start working your 2011 tax return.


January 2012

Winter Storms & Extreme Cold
This section of the Ready.gov site provides tips for winter including preparing for storms and extreme cold, winterizing your vehicle and your home.

Lighting Choices to Save You Money
This article describes how you can save money with the various energy-saving light bulbs such as energy saving incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs.

This site has been recently updated. It has lots of information to help you avoid scams, secure your computer, protect kids online, and be smart online. It has articles, videos, and games.

10 Things Debit Card Issuers Won't Tell You
This article from SmartMoney provides reasons to use or not use debit cards.


December 2011

Holiday Shopping Tips
These tips from Consumer Action may help make your holiday shopping less stressful.

12 low-cost ways to save energy—and money—now
These do-it-yourself tips from Consumer Reports will quickly pay for themselves and save you money.

Online Shopping Tips: E-Commerce and You
These tips from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse can help you get good deals and protect your personal and financial information too.

DMAchoice.org and Catalog Choice
If you want to reduce the amount of junk mail and catalogs you receive, then check out these sites.


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