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December 2010

Buying, Giving, and Using Gift Cards
If you're thinking of giving gift cards this holiday season, read these tips first.

This site from the American Bar Association is loaded with tips to help you shop safely online.

National Traffic and Road Closure Information
This site from the Federal Highway Administration is a good site for accessing traffic and road information for all 50 states.

Consumer Reports and Specialty Reports
There are reports other than your credit report that you need to be concerned about. There are reports that can help or hurt you getting a job or insurance, renting an apartment, and more. To find out more, read this report from Consumer Action.


November 2010

What's Behind Ads for a New Credit Identity? It could be ID Theft Involving Children's Social Security Numbers
This fact sheet has tips for spotting the telltale signs of credit repair scams.

Geotag, You're It! What Your Smartphone Might Be Saying Behind Your Back
This article from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse describes geotagging and privacy concerns related to location data.

Is your password hacker-proof?
This article from Consumer Action provides ways to check the strength of your passwords and tips for making sure you have a strong password.

No-Cost and Low-Cost Tips to Save Energy This Winter
These tips from the U.S. Department of Energy can help you save money and stay warm this fall and winter.


October 2010

On this site the public can submit their ideas for solutions to touch problems posted by government agencies. You can also discuss the challenge and show support.

Investing in Gold? What's the Rush?
If you're interested in gold, this article from the FTC discusses questions you should ask before buying.

Have your kids started looking at careers?
This site from the Bureau of Labor Statistics describes over 60 occupations by answering these questions: what is this job like?, how do you get ready?, how much does this job pay?, how many jobs are there?, what about the future?

What You Need to Know: New Rules for Mortgage Transfers
These new rules will make sure that you know who owns your mortgage,home equity loan, or home equity line of credit if your loan is sold. The new rules also ensure that you know who will handle payment disputes and loan modifications.


September 2010

Floods in Pakistan: FTC Warns Consumers to Give Wisely. Following these tips will help you make sure your money goes to aid the flood victims.

Do you like to give or use gift cards? Then you'll like these new rules for gift cards.

Concerned abourt your privacy online? Then check out the articles in Consumer Action News' Summer Issue.

Disasters can have unexpected consequences that impact your privacy and your personal information. This article from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse can help you be prepared.


August 2010

Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction Scams
These tips from the FTC will help you avoid these scams.

New ways to save on groceries
This Consumer Reports article has tips for saving money on your groceries with phone apps and websites.

Mobile Apps from USA.gov
This directory of apps includes an alternative fuel locator, TSA information, fuel economy.gov, find your embassy, U.S. Postal Service tools, and more.

The Truth About Cell Phones and the Do Not Call Registry
This FTC Consumer Alert, tells you why you don't need to register your cell phone numbers.


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