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August 2011

Look Up to See Your Bills Go Down: Making Your Attic More Efficient
These tips can help you save money on your cooling and heating bills.

Shopping for light bulbs?
These tips from the FTC, will help you choose the most energy-efficient light bulbs for your needs.

Be your own consumer watchdog
Use these tips from Consumer Reports to check out a company or professional before giving them your business.

99 Great Ways to Save
These tips, actually 198, can help you save money every day in many ways.


July 2011

Understanding Mobile Apps: Questions & Answers
This Q&A from OnGuard Online will help you protect yourself when using mobile apps.

Listen Up: Tips to Help Avoid Cell Phone Radiation Scams
These tips from the FTC will help you protect yourself and avoid scams.

10 Things Daily Deal Sites Won't Say
These tips from Smart Money can help you get the most from daily deal sites.

Cramming Tip Sheet
These tips from the FCC will help you spot and remove unauthorized charges from your phone bill.


June 2011

The Consumerist
Check out the articles on this site on consumer issues including scams, rip-offs, hot deals, freebies, and more.

National Traffic and Road Closure Information
This site has links to traffic and road closure information for all 50 states.

Financial Quizzes from Kiplinger.com
Want to test your financial knowledge in various areas? Then check out these entertaining and informative quizzes.

FTC Offers Tips to Stretch Your Gas Dollars
These tips can help you at the gas pump and on the road.


May 2011

Personal Data Retention and Destruction Plan
This fact sheet from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse describes why you should keep records, where you should keep them, how long you should keep them, and how to destroy them when you no longer need them.

U.S. Department of Transportation Expands Airline Passenger Protections
This press release describes the new protections that cover lost bags and bag fees, full disclosure of additional fees, bumping, and tarmac delays.

New Rules about Credit Decisions and Notices
This information from the Federal Reserve describes various notices that consumers may receive when credit reports or credit scores affect a financial institutions decision to grant credit.

Spotting an Impostor: Scammers Pose as Friends, Family and Government Agencies
This Consumer Alert from the FTC provides tips to help you spot impostor scams.


April 2011

Shopping for an Identity Theft Monitoring Service? Read this first.
This article from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides tips for determining if you should use a service and tips for choosing a service.

WirelessED: Wireless Education and Empowerment
This site from Consumer Action provides lots of information to help you get the best value from wireless services including voice and data plans, devices, service, and more.

Guide to Home Energy Assessments
This guide from the U.S. Department of Energy provides tips for doing a home energy assessment yourself or choosing a professional.

Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction Scams
This consumer alert from the FTC provides tips to help you protect yourself from these scams.


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